Corporate sponsorship packages are available for corporately responsible companies.

CJA Durham provides a variety of opportunities for individuals, businesses, and organizations wishing to contribute their time and effort to assist in implementing and broadening our core programs and services with a goal to creating a more tolerant and more understanding community.  Your assistance in funding is greatly appreciated! 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the term used to describe how a company gives back to or improves the community.  CSR can assume many forms:  donations to charities, employee volunteering, in-kind donations, strong human resources managemens and many more.

Having a serious sense of CSR can benefit organizations in many ways including more engaged employees, loyal customers and increased positive social media exposure.

We welcome any discussions with respect to how you can help us help the Communities of Durham Region!

Each corporate member receives a discount of 25% on one or both of our 21-hour Certificate Courses for their individual employees:

  1. Community Mediation Certificate
  2. Restorative Justice Mediation Certificate.

These Certificate Programs are recognized by ADRIO and FDRIO and can qualify you for status as a Mediator with the Ontario Coalition of Community Mediation.

Each corporate member receives one in-house seminar (lunch’n’learn format) and a discount of 25% on one or more of our valuable workshops:

  1. Human Rights Update 2019
  2. Elder Issues – Planning for Conflict
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Workplace
  4. Conflict in the Office/Classroom

Updates re training in Durham Region including many free or low-cost training opportunities by our many partner organizations.

Please contact Audrey Isenor, Executive Director at for information on how you can help us help the Community!  A full Corporate Membership Package will be sent to you and we are happy to meet at your convenience.

Workplace Mediation can assist with many issues allowing smaller matters to be settled before they become unmanageable.  We offer discounted qualified mediation for reasonable fees.


CJA Durham would like to take the time to thank all of our volunteers for their acts of service throughout the years.
You help us make a difference!

For more information, please email Audrey Isenor, our Executive Director, or call (905) 683.8615 x 216