CJA Durham handles hundreds of clients in the Durham Region, and we could use your help!

  1. Donations are greatly appreciated and receipted (over $10).
  2. Corporate sponsorship packages are available for corporately responsible companies.
  3. Community partnerships are appreciated and we welcome referrals from other organizations and government departments.
  4. Volunteer Opportunities are available for individuals, businesses, and organizations wishing to become a member of CJA Durham and contribute their time and effort to assist in implementing and broadening our core programs and services with a goal to creating a more tolerant and more understanding community.
  5. Membership is an affordable way for individuals and organizations to be a part of an agency that has been working for social justice for over 36 years.  CJA of Durham is dedicated to safer and healthier communities and to working with youth in conflict with the law as well as supporting many other community programs.